'Brighton Days'  Commissioned 2015 by Doug Craib.



Brighton by the sea small copy IMG_0510 copy


Asking James to undertake this commission was one of the best decisions I ever made.  


At a time when things were changing in one part of my life, a record of those passing times seemed the most appropriate thing I could do to mark those friendships and what they meant to me.  Working in creative media myself, I have a clear idea about what it is to let an artist do what it is that they do with

only the most minimal input to achieve what it is that I received; a piece that is a memory of personal experiences but with James’ wonderful, unique and humorous take on the subject matter.  

Every day I walk past my wonderful painting and smile at the scenes in it and everyone who enters my home is greeted by the painting, it brings a smile to every face.  


Commissioning art is not something I would generally consider within my budget but already the ‘investment' has paid itself back a hundred fold in the joy which I got from the process and the joy the painting gives me and others every single day  - Doug Craib



'Murder in Belfast'  Commissioned 2017 by Alina Grychta.


Review coming soon...



'Murder in Sevenoaks'  Commissioned 2016 by Avi Chen.





James gave us one of the most beautiful presents we could ever ask for, with this amazing painting just being the cherry on top!


After moving houses around the world for a good few years with my wife, I've wanted something "homey" to mark our final settleing back in the UK, but at the same time, something that is very unique and "Us".

James did a fantastic job, basically reading into our minds and souls and created something so grand, that I couldn't even imagine it myself.


This is by far the center piece of our house now and we're constantly getting very very warm reaction to it. It's fun, it's funny, it looks amazing (do choose the nice frame - worth every penny).

and we love it.


The entire process of talking to James and exchanging ideas for the painting was so much fun (usually one fantasizes about spousal murder in private).

We chose to not see the painting until it was complete, which in my opinion just amplified the whole effect ten folds!


I highly recommend this to everyone! unless you're too old, boring, or just a party pooper.


One very very very happy client.

Thank you James, we love you!




full art final 1 copy artwork 2a texture artwork Alina detail 1 Murder in Sevenoaks even smaller copy Murder in Sevenoaks detail 1 DSC_0849 Jules and Mark 1 small

'Death in Crookes'  Commissioned 2017 by Jules Rushforth.


Review coming soon...



detail 1 face detail 2 face detail 3 face