People watching comes naturally to most artists. As an art student I would occasionally see couples going through the motions of a night out, sat together, yet in their own world, in comfortable silence. On the whole they looked happy enough, but I often wondered if they ever fantasized about bumping each other off, or perhaps arranging an 'unlikely accident'.


These thoughts inspired a series of paintings called


'How to murder your spouse in the comfort of your own home'. 


Although as a professional artist most of my work has come from

chidren's book illustration, I often return to my early sketch books

and original creative ideas.


My new collection of 'Murder pictures' hold the same visual


feel of the first series while reflecting my development as an artist.


I still people watch as much as ever, and occasionally build up the nerve to ask some of them whether they do have such macabre thoughts...


...the answer is a resounding yes!






James Croft

Quiet Desperation Art
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